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Bullets & Octane in Bubblegum Slut zine #36

Issue 36 of the UK’s only fake-fur adorned rock ‘n’ roll read – ‘Bubblegum Slut zine’ - is out now and includes a new interview with Bullets & Octane, conducted on their UK tour last December. Also inside this issue you’ll find another 20-track free sampler CD, and 88 pages of


Walter Lure : An in-depth interview on a Heartbreakers’ journey from trash alley to Wall Street!
Kid Congo Powers : Former Cramps, Gun Club and Bad Seeds man on his new band The Pink Monkey Birds!
Gunfire 76 : Wednesday 13 leaves the skeletons in the closet and unveils his new dirty rock ‘n’ roll band!
California Deathrock : A brief history of the darkside of Sunset, featuring 45 Grave, The Gun Club, Christian Death, The Deep Eynde & Cinema Strange
The Slits : Tessa Pollitt talks celebrating 30 years and new album ‘Trapped Animal’
The Glitterati … finally set a release date for their second album!
The Barracudas : reminiscing with perhaps London’s only surf-punk outfit as a new retrospective compilation goes on sale
Stevie Klasson : The guitarist from Johnny Thunders’ Oddballs talks about his Stockholm vintage guitar store
Pretty Boy Floyd : Steve ‘Sex’ Summer and Kristy ‘Krash’ Majors on putting their differences aside and reuniting. Again.
Italian Glam Explosion : A few figures at the heart of the scene discuss why Glam metal is picking up in the Med.
Glambone : The guy behind the best place to get your rare glam online offers some opinions and choice tunes.
Gypsy Pistoleros : British flamenco glam comes home!
Andrew Czezowski & Susan Carrington : a chat with the London clubland legends behind The Roxy & The Fridge
The Point : New project of Neil Leyton & Hellacopters’ Nicke Andersson
Art Of Rock special : Featuring R.A.R.E & Green Day exhibitions, and the resurrection of San Diego’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics!
Songs From A Wasted Youth : this issue Voice Of The Beehive

Plus … interviews with Bai Bang & The-Front
Fashion from Rock ‘n’ Needle, Veil Of Visions & Soo Catwoman’s Catwoman Clothing
Gig & festival reviews including Hellfire and Firefest
All your usual columns and a brand new one from Shane Flipside
And original artwork from Studio Diablo, Spooky Squiggles and Louis Howard.

On this issue’s free CD : Walter Lure, The Bermondsey Joyriders, Battle Flask, The XGirlfriend Experience, (AllMyFriendzAre) DEAD, The-Front, Solid Ground, East End Trinity, The Hated, SexMess, Young Lust, Planet Eyelash, Distorted Breed, LiViD, Stupid In Stereo, First Time Riot, Skinny Bones & The Gonedaddys, The Neurotic Spiders & The Ashtones.

How To Order

To order using PayPal please use the Storefront in the ‘about me’ section of our MySpace page – Inclusive of UK postage copies cost £2.40, or £3.10 to European destinations and £4.00 worldwide. If you would like to order more than one copy outside of the UK please get in touch for reducing shipping rates.

You will also find details of ordering via NoChex & other payment methods in the same place on the MySpace page
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