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a little news.

hey guys, i just joined this community and i sure would be happy if it stays active. bullets is my favorite band.

heh... so anyway i'm posting because i have some really bad news. if you didn't know already James is leaving the band. the details as to why were really sketchy. i went to the cleveland "show" on the 10th even though bullets had to cancel due to a busted van and an uncooperative guitarist. Gene, Ty, Jeremy, and Jason were all there and kindly hung out with my friend and i. [except Ty, who was with his lady friend and therefore excused. XD] so i got the news from them directly. James actually planned on quitting the band before the tour but he wanted to go on one last tour, then he ducked out last minute.

but if you're going to see future shows have no fear, they're still playing. the guitarist of unwritten law is helping them out on a few numbers.

but anyway, in order to make this a little more substantial here is a link for songs of the underdog: http://www.mediafire.com/?7mvp0intxty

there might be a problem with the song Gravestone love. if there is i can re-rip and reupload. but i really suggest you buy it. it's really cheap and really fucking amazing. besides bullets deserved the support.

and here's a link to our pictures with the boys.

rock on people.
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