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I just joined. I'm Brad, 22. Saw them in Nashville Tuesday night when they and Defiance of Authority opened for Flogging Molly. I liked their sound, so I figured I'd find an LJ community. :P
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I was at the Nashville show as well. Kicked ass, didn't they? :)
Yes. Although my body is all kinds of sore from the retard moshers. LOL.
I managed to skip outta the front row when the moshers started and enjoyed Flogging Molly from the calmness of the bar :)
You're from Camden? Heh...I went to high school in Bruceton, and college at Bethel. Small world!
Slightly. What year did you graduate?

I planned on attending Bethel but I decided against it.
Errrrr...I graduated Bruceton in '92
Well. LOL. 9 years before I graudated CHS.

...I need a new icon.