XOXO, Manda (so_pseudogoth) wrote in bulletsnoctane,
XOXO, Manda

Hey guys!

I decided to upload One Night Stand Rock 'n Roll Band album for anyone who doesn't have it... this is Bullets' original EP, before James joined the band, and it's really badass. It includes a cover of "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol as well as a demo of "Professional Victim". Check it out, and hope you enjoy this rare CD!

Professional Victim demo
Rebel Yell
Struck Out
Monday Morning
Want it All

My request... there are two other Bullets songs out there, I don't have them! They are rare demos and I've heard them before, but don't possess them... if anyone does, could you upload them please? I don't even remember the name of them!
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Thank you very much!!!

"Smile" is so awesome
awe thanks so much honey. i don't know if it's just right now but monday morning and want it all aren't working. ;_; i'll try again later.